A Creative Dream

A Creative Dream

A little blog about the life of a somewhat lost dreamer....looking for my grace in this crazy world.

29 November 2016

And so it begins...again...

As many of you who have followed this blog over the years knows, the past couple of years have been difficult ones for me. I lost my father, made even more difficult a loss as I was the only family member present and had to make the choice to stop the life saving efforts.  Six months later I lost my beloved dog, and a few months after that, my niece lost her battle with a nasty form of brain cancer.  And, just to toss a bit more on the list, I moved.  So... as I count, that's four of the major life changes that can cause tons of stress.

And, trust me, it has.  But the light is coming at the end of the tunnel.  I've got my fingers crossed that the light isn't a train.

You will find that things will continue to change here over time.  And, I will let you know early on, if you visit only for all the free instructions, there will be a bit less of those.  I've come to understand that if I don't take my art seriously, if I give all of it away for free and provide all kinds of instructions for free, no one else will take it seriously either.  That does not mean there won't be giveaways, there will be plenty of those, and there will still be some instructions... just not as many.

On a positive note, my daughter has joined me in creating, so we'll be seeing lots more from her... and, as time allows, there will be lots more art available to you if you do want it... just keep watching here for what is available.

I'll be back this weekend with more to share!