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27 February 2015

And the winner is...

All the names of the folks who commented here and on Facebook were tossed into a hat, and the one that fell out was...

Jennifer Apfel!!!

Jennifer has 48 hours to send me her mailing address or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks everyone who participated, and for those who didn't win... you know there will be more give aways!

Last call....

If you want in on the mini house earring give away... today's the day!
This afternoon/evening sometime I will be picking a winner... and I will announce that winner here and on Facebook.  They then have 48 hours to get in touch with their address or another winner will be chosen.

Your comments should be directed to THIS post.

Good luck!

23 February 2015

Little pink (and aqua) houses...

Check it out, my little houses have gotten even tinier... and turned into earrings!

And, guess what?  Since I haven't had a give away in a very long time, I think these would be perfect to give... here are the rules:

Leave a comment... one per person (but this is also over on Facebook... and you can leave one comment there too)...get the comment in by Friday, February 27th.  One name will be chosen and announced here and on Facebook... the winner has 48 hours to email me their mailing address or another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

13 February 2015

He used to pretend he was a dog...

But I know he was just a short, very hairy human boy...

He left me just after noon today... my heart is broken.  There are no words...

08 February 2015

New pretties...

So, these came out of no where this week. 

Think I adore them. 

03 February 2015

Just a reminder...

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.
                                                                                  Fabienne Fredrickson

01 February 2015


Those of you who have been around here forever know that I've "abandoned" a whole lot of my work out there in the world to be found by random strangers. My friend Eileen from over at The Artful Crafter (I just got lost there for a few minutes reading this post) messaged me about a group on Facebook that has a whole bunch of folks abandoning their art out there in the world.  I had to go check it out.

Seemed like a place I'd fit, since I was already doing my own abandoning, so I joined the group.  Like most groups on Facebook Art Abandonment has good points and bad, but it is a place were you get lots of support from other artists and crafters who abandon too.

Since September I've abandoned more than 200 items, large and small, and I have heard from four of the finders.  If nothing else it's a great place to learn to deal with attachment issues!

Anyway, I thought I'd share my latest abandonment, left at the grocery this morning early whilst I was gathering food for the week... the wee little house above was left to be found.  Wonder if it was?

So, tell me... are any of you abandoners, whether on your own or as a part of a group?  Where do you abandon?  Do you know if what you abandoned was found?  What do you think about abandoning art?


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