A Creative Dream

A Creative Dream

A little blog about the life of a somewhat lost dreamer....looking for my grace in this crazy world.

21 January 2018


Very soon after I got home Friday evening I got walloped with a stomach bug.  Definitely not my finest hour.  Most of Saturday was shot, but, thankfully, today has been much better.  Not a great deal accomplished, but I did play a bit...

 If it looks somewhat familiar, it's because you've seen it before.  I did the original a couple of years ago.  This is a print I added a bit to.

I played with some cards...

These are 2.5 by 4.5 inches on 140 lb cold press Canson watercolor paper.  They're going to be part of my Random Acts of Kindness Week project.  (Did you know there is a National Random Acts of Kindness Day?  It's officially February 17th, but the entire week is encouraged... check it out here.)  More on that later, and I might need a couple of volunteers to help me, so keep an eye out.

And, finally, I did get a page done...

There is an awful lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment, and a great deal was written about that under the paint.  There are days I find it difficult to remember that the Universe provides what I need, but it is up to me to believe that.  It's important to not dwell in what "might" happen, but to remain open to all of the good things that may come.

So...there you have it.  My weekend, or what there was of it, of creativity.

What materials are you working with these days that you love?  I will always be a fan of my Canson paper, but I found something new a couple of weeks ago to play with.  Currently I'm LOVING Jane Davenport's Mermaid Markers.


I used them on the cards for the Random Acts of Kindness Day above.  The colors are amazing, and they're beautifully transparent.  They're a dye based ink, and really very easy to use.  The only issue I've had with them is that some of the brush bristles were closed into their lids, so they have wild hairs sicking up.  My current favorite is the Byron Bay.  Of course, Coral is really pretty too, and Blue Bottle... love that too.

She also has several bottled inks in her line and I think I may have to pick up a few of them.  They are all scented though, kinda makes me a little iffy about them. I wonder how strong it is, how long it lasts, etc.. Have any of you used them?  Is the scent very strong?  Does it linger?  Anyone have any other inks they like to use?  I'd love any suggestions you might have.

Please note:  I have received no compensation or product from either Canson or Jane Davenport.

15 January 2018


Last year will not go down in my personal history as a terribly creative year. 

Truthfully, I feel like much of last year was just a lost year, for many reasons... none of which are terribly important to this moment.  I spent an awful lot of time going to work, coming home, getting up and going to work again just to do it all over.

I think I was still mourning my dad, my dog and my niece.  I guess that likely won't change, but time does have a way of making you move forward.  

It wasn't a terrible year, my son and my bonus one got married in the best wedding ever.  It fit them perfectly.  My daughter got a new job, she now works with me, just in a different area, so I get to see lots of her, and I'm loving that (not sure how see feels about all that time with me).

I planted a garden for the first time in years, and loved every square inch of it, not to mention the harvest that came from it.

But now, it's time I return.  I've missed you all, and I feel like I need to be back here ticking along.  I can't make promises of faithfully publishing every single day, but I'm shooting for once a week or so.

Since last year wasn't creative, and I really need to be creative, I've promised myself that this year will be different. So, my word for the year is "Create". To that end I've been doing a little journaling... And, I have a question (ok, a few) for those of you who journal, especially those who do creative journaling...in general, how long do you spend on a page (or spread)? Do you go back to pages you thought were complete? Do you have a ritual or practice that goes with your journaling? Any tips, or hints, or suggestions for those who want to begin?

23 January 2017

My favorite...

Looking through the photos I took on Saturday, this has to be one of my favorites...quite possibly my most favorite...

I presume this is a father with his daughter, although I could be wrong.  It could be an uncle and his niece, a brother and his little sister, it could be a step-father and his step-daughter (although, I count that in the father/daughter category). The important thing here is that this man is supporting this little one, teaching her that these are goals worth working toward... and allowing her to realize her voice is important.  And, he is doing it by example... he is there. Men are important in this movement, and to all of those men out there who support, love, and encourage the women in their lives... thank you.

22 January 2017


I marched...

I marched for my friends who are people of all colors, for my gay friends, for my Muslim friends, for my disabled friends. I marched for all people who feel marginalized. I marched for those who are too afraid to let their voice be heard. I marched because all of our voices must be heard.

Today I marched because no one but me has the right to make choices for my body, and it is time that others stop thinking they can.
Today I marched because women have been treated as second class citizens since time began, and it is time for that to stop.

Today I marched because we, women, are the life givers, the nurturers, the care takers, the tradition keepers, and it is time for us to take our power back. It is time to realize our worth. To stand up for the rights of ourselves and others.

Today, I am marched because I will be that voice, I will stand with others and speak the truths that ALL people are equal, that ALL people have rights, that ALL people should be able to live their lives as they choose, without the judgement of others.

Today, I marched because I will be that voice, I will stand with others and speak the truths that ALL people are equal, that ALL people have rights, that ALL people should be able to live their lives as they choose, without the judgement of others.

Today I marched… and I was not alone.

08 January 2017

Twenty seventeen....

When I was younger 2017 seemed more than a lifetime away...and here we are. As I always seem to do this time of the year (and I'll do it again around the time of my birthday), I look at my life and think, "Well, this isn't where I expected to be."  Life is like that, I think it's a big part of the beauty of living.  At least, as long as you can let go and allow it to happen.

Speaking of letting go...

How many of you choose a word for the year?  It's become a tradition for me, and this year the word that has come to me, well, there are two of them really, but they are "release" and "transition", although, sometimes it seems "become" is more appropriate.

I'm using those two words in an online journaling adventure I've joined... "Come to the Fire, a Year Long Art Journaling workshop". The first part of the process was making an amazing journal called a Cosmic Smash Books (originated by Catt Gellar).  It's definitely an interesting process, one I could fully embrace.   As a matter of fact, I loved it so much I made several journals. 

The first inquiry was a bit more difficult, but I did get it done. It took some time, and some serious self-questioning, but, that's what this is all about.

Of course, when I need to get something done that I really don't want to do, I do something else as a means of putting it off.  She's only a 5" x 7", but I really kind of like her. 

And then, there's this one.  I'm calling her ghost girl right now.  Not sure if there is more to come with her, or if this is all there is.  Maybe time will tell.

So, there you have my 2017 creative adventure so far. 

What are your creative goals for the year?  What are you going to do to extend yourself creatively?  Did you choose a word for the year?  What was your process to pick it?  How do you plan to use it?