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15 ornaments... 15 days...

Fifteen ornaments, fifteen days.  It's quite an insane adventure.  I'll add all of the photos and links here to make them easy to find (along with other ornament instructions found around the blog).  

Please remember... 

All patterns are copyright (in various years), june crawford. You may not copy, sell or distribute the patters as your own. These patterns are for your personal use ONLY, not for making profit. If you choose to make an ornament for charity, please notify me. ALL of the money from the sale of that ornament must be donated to that charity.  Please respect my creativity by holding to these simple rules, otherwise I would have to stop sharing patterns for free.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5
An Angel

Number 6
The Moon... in two versions

Number 7
Another Penguin

Number 8
 A snowman in a tall hat

Number 9
 Cookie Cutter Ornament 

Number 10
  Santa in a Tall Hat

Number 11
Grateful Heart

Number 12
 Holly-day Owl

Number 13
Scrappy Wreath
No pattern used, just see the post for instructions

Number 14
 Snowman in Scarf

Number 15
 Wonky Star Ornament 


Eileen Bergen said...

Thank you for this page, June. Seeing them all together is really impressive. Having all on one page for downloading is very helpful.

I'm amazed at how you accomplished this in the holiday whirl and since you have a life - apart from this beautiful blog ;-)

Eileen Bergen said...

I absolutely love these, June. You can tell that picking out new ones to do has become an annual tradition for me ;-) I can't even tell you which is my favorite. I love 'em all!


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