A Creative Dream

A Creative Dream

A little blog about the life of a somewhat lost dreamer....looking for my grace in this crazy world.

15 January 2018


Last year will not go down in my personal history as a terribly creative year. 

Truthfully, I feel like much of last year was just a lost year, for many reasons... none of which are terribly important to this moment.  I spent an awful lot of time going to work, coming home, getting up and going to work again just to do it all over.

I think I was still mourning my dad, my dog and my niece.  I guess that likely won't change, but time does have a way of making you move forward.  

It wasn't a terrible year, my son and my bonus one got married in the best wedding ever.  It fit them perfectly.  My daughter got a new job, she now works with me, just in a different area, so I get to see lots of her, and I'm loving that (not sure how see feels about all that time with me).

I planted a garden for the first time in years, and loved every square inch of it, not to mention the harvest that came from it.

But now, it's time I return.  I've missed you all, and I feel like I need to be back here ticking along.  I can't make promises of faithfully publishing every single day, but I'm shooting for once a week or so.

Since last year wasn't creative, and I really need to be creative, I've promised myself that this year will be different. So, my word for the year is "Create". To that end I've been doing a little journaling... And, I have a question (ok, a few) for those of you who journal, especially those who do creative journaling...in general, how long do you spend on a page (or spread)? Do you go back to pages you thought were complete? Do you have a ritual or practice that goes with your journaling? Any tips, or hints, or suggestions for those who want to begin?


Snap said...

Welcome home!!!!! Looking good.

Dotti said...

Nice to see you again! I am on the journaling road and have 7 journals under my belt.

My journals vary...big...small...thick...thin...hand bound...commercially bought...a little of this and that. I quit planning pages right off the bat because, as you well know, nothing goes according to plan...so that is my big tip. Start your page and each step will inform the next step. Some pages of mine happened in 15 minutes...some took revisits over a period of time. If I get stuck on a page...I move on to the next page and try something else. Eventually I get back to the abandoned page with a fresh idea. Sometimes I even add to a page I thought was done! It's all good.

Gretchen said...

It's great to hear from you. Loss of any kind takes a while to work through even with great things happening. You need to take as long as it takes for you. But I am happy to hear from you and hope that, if possible, you continue to let us know how you are and to see your wonderful creations.

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Wonderful pages, June. Me? This is my 1st year of (daily?) art journaling. I'm obsessed with it; but I'm finding it hard to keep up with the "daily." My pages take way longer than is sensible. I need to develop a system that works for me. But - like you - I'm not a quitter!

Twinkle said...

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