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10 December 2016

Matchbox ornament, part two...the inside.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DkEJiWlDatg/Tll6YGWOYWI/AAAAAAAAE_c/uwtTkFjtLpQ/s1600/DSC00656-1.JPGNow to the inside of the match box. I've lined the inside with another part of the book page that has been painted light blue. First the page was painted, then I tore the strip the height if the inside of the box, and added the length of the sides. Glued it down, being careful not to get air bubbles again, and then added the short sides by tearing strips their length and gluing them in.

Gotta let it dry again (good heavens this patience thing... ) 

Now, I have a plan for this little thing... snow, snowman, trees... so I need to add some white paint for the snow. a little splatter to make it look as though snow is falling, and glitter to make it sparkle... It's a pretty simple inside.

Of course... it still needs the tree and snowman.

First, the tree.

Several lengths of the 28 gauge wire were cut, all of them somewhat shorter than the overall height of the match box. Some shorter, some taller... and then they were all twisted about half way up (creates the "trunk").


 Stand the tree inside the box to see if it needs shortened, and if it does, use wire cutters to cut from the bottom of the wrapped end. That will shorten the tree, and it will make sure that it is cut evenly across... no longer wires sticking out.Flare the "branches" to spread them out, remembering that you have only so much space inside that box. When the shape looks the way you want it to, paint it black, (or, you could have just used black wire to begin with) and if you'd like use white glue on the tips of the branches and sprinkle on a little glitter.


When it's all dry, use a drop of super glue (gel version) to glue the trunk to the bottom of the matchbox.Hold it steady for just a minute so it will set up and there you have it... a tree just waiting for a snowman under it... that will be coming up next.


So, now that we have a tree, let's make a little snowman to stand under it! You'll need just a little bit of Sculpey, and, almost like making a snowman of snow, roll three balls, each a little larger than the last, and stack them on on top another.  You can see how large my "big" guy is in the photo.

Now, it can be just as simple as the three balls, but I like my snowmen to have hats. This one is just a little cone, hollowed a bit (I used the non-brush end of a paint brush to create an indentation inside it) and plunked down on his head.

Notice that little loop of wire coming out of the top of his hat? It serves a couple of purposes... it goes down through the hat and the three balls that make his body... but the really important reason it's there is to hold the tassel... what's a hat without a cool tassel... right?

The tassel is just another small piece of Skulpey shaped, a few "strings" are made by dragging a blunt needle through the Skulpey, and another wire is inserted.  That not only keeps the pieces together, but gives me something to hang it from the hat with.

When everything is shaped, the pieces are baked according to the directions on the Sculpey package. 


After it's cooled, the fun part begins... I painted the snowman and tassel with a base coat of white, then added details. They get a coat of varnish, and then just hang around drying... notice the snowman got sprinkled with some glitter too... nice and sparkly.


Once all was dry, it was time to attach the tassel to the snowman. The Little One suggested I add a bead to give a bit more length to the tassel part and allow it more movement... good idea Little One... pretty cute huh? A few final touches and the ornament will be finished and ready to hang on a Christmas tree later this winter...


A bit if polyfill to add some fluff to the "snow" inside the box. The finished snowman is positioned (gotta account for that nose and the opening of the box). Once that is accomplished the snowman is glued down using another drop of the superglue gel. I glued the bottom and added a tiny drop behind his head where it rested in the match box to make sure it didn't move later.


Then it was time to decide how to handle the top. Something needed to be added to allow the match box be opened to see what's inside. I've used a bead before, but this time I went to a box of straight pins I had created a few years ago to use when I finished ornaments. Lots and lots of straight pins. All of these little guy have been created by using colored polymer clay to make whatever is on top, then baked and varnished. 

A couple of options were chosen, and the Little One decided a snowman was the way to go... so a snowman it was. I used a non-decorated straight pin to poke a hole in the top, and then cut off a substantial bit of the pin under the snowman to be able to curl it after the pin was seated. On the top I added a drop of the super glue gel and positioned the snowman. Once it had a few minutes to dry I curled the portion of the pin that was sticking inside the box into a loop to discourage it from pulling through. Tested it a few times and it works just right... always a good thing!

 Of course, if it is an ornament it needs a little bit more glitz... so I used the remaining snowflake charm and some seed and bugle beads to create a tassel (used sewing thread to string them). Using a straight pin to make a hole in the bottom part of the box, I then threaded a jewelry pin head through the hole, cut off the extra length I didn't need with wire cutters, and then used jewelry pliers to bend the length left into a loop. I used the length of wire I had cut off to thread through the top bead and make a loop to connect it to the box with.

Insert the inside box into the outer cover and... ta-da.... the finished ornament/winter shrine/cutsie thing is all done!

Here's what it looks like closed...



And here's what it looks like open...

What do ya think?

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