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01 December 2016

And, so, December arrives...

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but it's December.  Already.

For most of us, it's a time of stressful joy and celebration.  Stressful because we have so much to do, but joyous and celebratory because of why we are doing it.  This year though, for many of us, it's a bit more stressful than usual.

Hate crimes are up since November, that is unacceptable.  I know I am more liberal than many, but I cannot tolerate a country where immigrants, people of color, LBGTQ, and women are treated with less respect because of who they are.  While I am one person, I will always stand up for people who are "different".  I may not affect the world, but I will do what I can.

I've come to believe that the only way we are going to get past that is the grass root method of kindness.  It begins with me.  It begins with you.  So, through the month of December, since "everyone else is doing it", why not spread kindness?

I invite you to join in.  How about, starting today, we  begin to change the world?  Over on the right side of the blog you'll find a new box... "Today...".  In that box I'll be posting an idea every day in December.  Just a simple suggestion to encourage displays of kindness. I'd also love it if you would share ideas, or things you've done.  If you look on the left side of the page you'll find a new list of "pages".  There you'll find a page titled "Today".  Please share there. (You can also find the ideas that I'll be listing for the week there, in case you want a head start.)

As always here, any hateful or harmful comments will be deleted.


Deb said...

Well written and a great idea. Thanks for spreading kindness in a country that so needs it right now.

ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

I'm depending on all of you guys to help me out Deb!

Janet Ghio said...

A wonderful idea!

ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

Thanks, Janet. I hope you'll join in!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

June, you're way more liberal than I am but I agree with you 100% that all people should be treated with respect. It's a matter of basic human kindness and morality, not politics. I also agree that it must start with us - every one of us. The political system is pretty broken, but I still believe the vast majority of Americans are decent moral people. I'll be joining in your kindness challenge as frequently as I can.

ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

I agree with you Eileen, the vast majority of folks are very good people. And being kind is such an easy thing...if we all do it, all that goodness shines forth.