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03 December 2016

A nail...

The post that this was on back in 2011 is one of the most popular posts I've done over the years, so, here it is again...

Soooooo... these have been in the works for a bit now... I'm always surprised at how I can take a simple idea, and turn it into a much longer adventure than it should be. It's a gift. One that I was given in abundance. 

I like the idea of this ornament, it's called "The Christmas Nail". For Christians who celebrate the Christmas holiday it ties in the birth of Christ with his ultimate death on the cross.

You can find examples of it everywhere out there in the blog-o-sphere, there are a couple of variations of the poem.  A quick Google search has a couple of examples here and here.  The first step was to create the poem that is attached... easy enough in Microsoft Word. I did it on a business card template and printed it on heavy card stock.  Then it was cut and glued onto a piece of red card stock, then that was glued onto another decorative Christmas card stock (it was a double sided card stock). Over all of that I added a layer of matte Mod Podge to protect it. (Edit 12/1/16- I've discovered that if I use a poly acrylic finish once it's dry I don't get the stickiness that Mod Podge can have if it gets humid.)

Whilst those were set aside and drying I assembled the nail portion of the ornament. I spent a good bit of time at my local home supply store (they run when they see me coming), looking at nails.  Seriously, I had NO idea there were so many different types of nails.  But, since I wanted something a bit more rustic, what I settled on was a masonry nail like this one.  You can buy them by the pound, and I got about 35 nails in the pound that I bought. You could simply tie a red ribbon around it and hang it that way, but I wanted a bit of "something" added to it, so decided to do a small wrap with some brass wire. I like the addition, and it allowed me to create a loop to use to string the ribbon through for the hanging.

My original intent was to create a "tag" sort of hanger, that's why there is so much extra background at the top, but in the end, I chose to cut it off to create a more even border that I could simply string the ribbon through, that way the recipient can keep the card with the nail (to remind them of the significance) or they could remove the nail from the card and simply hang it.

A bit more trimming, a tad of finishing and it's done and done...It's a quick and meaningful gift to give those you know who celebrate Christmas.

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I loved this the first time, June. I'm actually doing it this time!

Your rendition is lovely and, yes, you really did turn it into quite a project ;-) With layers and even a seal coat. Sheesh.

I'm having a hard time finidng those perfect nails, but a contractor friend is in search of them for me.

Wishing you a merry and blessed Christmas.