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09 December 2016

A match box Christmas ornament...part one, the outside...

This post grouping originally appeared in as five different posts.  I've joined several of them together to make two rather long posts.  First, we'll do the outside...

I had an idea for a little ornament/winter shrine/cutsie-tootsie made from a matchbox... and I finally finished it... so what else would I do but share it with you just in case you want to make something similar?

You start off with an empty match box (of all things, huh?), gather some old book pages (another shocker coming from me, I know), acrylic paints, a little bit of Sculpey, wire (28 gauge and jewelry head pins), glue (white glue and super glue), seed beads, larger glass beads and bugle beads, some brass snowflake charms, ribbon... I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but we'll catch it as we go.

First, let's work on the outside of the match box. It was covered with a portion of a book page. I like torn edges, so I semi-
measured how much I'd need (you can see it was a bit longer than I needed). Spread a thin layer of glue on the paper and tightly wrap it over the outer match box cover. You want to be careful here and get rid of any air bubbles. I used my trusty Formica chip to smooth as I went and didn't have any issue, just be sure to smooth, smooth, smooth. Let it dry well, and tear off any extra page.



Once the glue was dry, I added a coat of a medium blue acrylic paint and let that dry...



I have a stamp that looks like a checker-board, and thought that might look interesting, so I painted it white and stamped it on the box.

And while the paint was still wet, I sprinkled micro-fine glitter all over it and tamped it off. (It was at this point that I got a healthy dose of the glitter all over me too...) Again, it needs to dry a bit before I do anything else.

Everything is dry now, glitter is stuck in the paint... and now, let's finish up the outside of the ornament... This is what the outside of the match box looks like now. I think it needs some "snow"... so it seems some splattering is in order.

Using the white acrylic paint, and watering it down a bit load it onto a brush, and then, putting the match box in the line of fire, tap it gently across one of my fingers. It spreads splatters over whatever surface is near (seriously... be careful of the things you have near). You can also do this using a tooth brush, you just rub your thumb over the bristles rather than tap the paint brush.) Of course, allow it to dry a bit before moving on.


I found several different styles of alphabet stamps a few months ago, and thought I'd use them to stamp "let it snow" on the ornament. Using letters from all three of the different fonts, I thought I had enough room to stamp the words, but obviously messed that up as the word snow trials off the side.

Everyone scream with me now... ARGHHH!!!

Ok, after a few deep breaths and curse words it was time to deal with it... maybe a few snowflakes and more "let it snow"?
First... the snowflakes. Mine were painted on, I've painted for so many years I feel more comfortable using a brush than most other tools, but if you are creating something similar, and are not comfy with a brush, use a gel pen...

A bit more stamping, a few more snowflakes... and you'd never know it wasn't planned this way... would ya?


After giving it some thought I decided the hanger was going to go from side to side (left to right) so the hanger needed to go in this section of the ornament.  

I used a very small hole punch to put two holes in the sides after I marked an equal distance down from the top. 

A pretty long length of thin light blue ribbon was run, from inside the match box, through the hole, through a brass snowflake charm I had, and through a white glass bead, finally tying a knot in it. Clip off the excess ribbon and there you go. Repeat on the other side and the outside of the ornament is finished...

Next, the inside...

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