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26 March 2013

You know how one thing leads to another...

Oh Lord, y'all... Monday was REALLY a Monday around here.  It flat out sucked.  Rain, snow, snow... rain.  Grouchy people, glitches at work... more grouchy people.  Let's just say... I'm glad the bad day over early in the week... leaves lots of great times waiting for the weekend... right?

Ok... let's move on to brighter things.  Really bright and colorful things.  Remember the bracelet from not long ago?


I really like this bracelet.  It's light weight, it's colorful, it's art.  I can wear my art on my wrist... love that!  They take a bit of effort to make, and a good while to dry... but when I made the one in the photo above I made a few of the blanks so I could play with them later.

I played with a few of them this weekend.


How is that for a little bit-o-color?  The one on the far left is the original bracelet I made... then I added a bracelet with my doodles on it... but check out those poppies.

Oh, I like these poppies.  Look at that text showing through, isn't it great?!  The doodles aren't bad either, huh?

The backgrounds of the ones I did with poppies on them were painted a bright blue first, and the green added after that.  The insides of the bracelets were painted orange, and when that dried a layer of very bright hot pink was added.  The pink paint is kinda strange, it's almost transparent, so over the orange it gives a very unique finish.  Where it deposits thicker you have more pink, where it is thinner you have a brighter orange.  Love it!

This is the widest of the three I created like this at a bit over 2 inches.  That really gave me room to play with the design.  The finish on it is supposed to be a satin polyacrylic, and it seems a bit glossy to me.  (I have a can of the gloss...can't wait to see how shiny that is.)  I'm going to have to see if I can find a matte I think.

What do you guys think of it?


Elaine A said...

I think you are having loads of fun - LOL! These are gorgeous. Great Art! Sorry you had such a lousy Monday, you are right, it sucks when that happens.

Elaine Allen

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Sunday was the worst for me...totally too dramatic..stressing..plain S**T. Continued to Monday, but that was aftermath. Done and gone thank the Universe!

Now.. those bracelets are a superb advertisement for your art! I'm not crazy about wearing bangles, but they are certainly conversation openers. You should wear them and carry a few in your bag to sell...
xx, Carol

jinxxxygirl said...

June!! Love these!!!When i worked at Lowe's I was like a pack rat..you wouldn't believe the things those big box stores throw away! (or maybe you would) But it would just break my heart thinking of those things going to the landfill. I came home with so much.......When i got ready to move to CA i had TONS of bubble wrap that would have just gone to the dump. Do you know how expensive that stuff is? Anyway back to my point..i was making one wasn't i?? ...oh yes...In the mornings we all put up freight...that means unpacking stuff and putting on the shelf and i came across these GREAT heavy duty cardboard rings and i saved them and brought them home thinking i'll use them for SOMETHING SOMEDAY they were just too cool to throw away and NOW i know what i might try to do with them! They would be great for a few bracelets like this i think....Just LOVE your doodles on them!!! So sorry for the long comment! Hugs! deb

Eileen Bergen said...

I love 'em! You even let some of the designs flow over onto the inside. I love little surprises like that - which only the wearer knows. Sort of like photos inside a locket.

Don't know why, but the B&W especially appeals to me. Maybe because it would work with so many outfits.

peggy apl said...

these bracelets are wonderful! i love the bright colors and the text showing through the poppies!

leannadc said...

Is there a DIY tutorial? Love the braclets! What are the bracelet blanks made of? Thanks!

ACreativeDreamer said...

No, I have not created a DYI tutorial for these... it's actually a pretty long and drawn out process that takes a great many steps and patience. IF I can ever get it cut down to fewer steps that are more simple I might get one posted.

Hopefully, pretty soon they will be available for purchase soon though... keep watching if you're interested!


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