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22 January 2013

Well, this is interesting...

Ever so interesting actually.  I can't say I've ever had this happen before. 

I adore folk art.  Especially those round faced, ever so innocent looking girls.  I've always thought that I really wouldn't be good at drawing or painting one, so I've never given it a go.  But, I'm trying to stretch myself... just a wee bit... so why not try one... right?

Just a small one, very do-able... And you know what...

She turned out just like I saw her in my head.  Little round-ish heart shaped face, simple, cute.

I did it, painted her just like I saw her in my head.  And I don't like her.  I mean, she's perfectly adorable, and there is not a thing wrong with her.  She's got the cute round cheeks, the big eyes, she's very folk art-ish.. and, she does nothing for me.  Which is strange, I really like this sort of art.  She turned out just like I wanted her.  On the first attempt even.

Have you ever done something that turned out exactly like you wanted it to, and it just wasn't as satisfying as you expected it to be?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

no, my issue is usually that I CAN"T make it look like the image I imagine. She is very different than pieces you usually design. Your art is very distinctive..you know how you can see a piece and know who the artist is. Well, I see you in the canvas, but not the young miss.

But then the question that brings is why can't an artist try something new. Well, isn't that part of art. Growing and evolving? Though the image is perfect in your mind's eye, It lacks the J factor.

But, that's just my observation.
xx, Carol

ACreativeDreamer said...

Most of the time that's my issue as well Carol... IF I start with something in my head. Maybe that's why I so often don't start with more than a very vague thought in mind... always ends up being a surprise that way.

I think you may be onto something though, there is a definite disconnect in the background and her. It seems I'm stuck in doing backgrounds like that, maybe that's where I need to concentrate the "new" effort... throw some effort into growing there.

jinxxxygirl said...

I create art all the time that is not my personal decorating style....go figure....I like to create things in bright colors buy my house is very ...lets say earthy....lots of browns and greens and blues...but not the shades that reach out and grab you....more mellow shades...not electric blue....lol...funny how the two can differ...Its like i have a split personality....i try to embrace both and not censor myself in my art or my decorating.... :)

I think your girl is lovely! You did a great job. She's cute as a button!
Hugs! deb

Cyndi L said...

She's a doll! I never have *anything* turn out as I envision it. Nothing. Never. Nada. Zip. I've learned to live with it ;-)

Eileen Bergen said...

Oh yeah ... been there done that. Maybe that's why I love digital so much. With digital, there's nothing that can't be undone.

She's adorable but I think you and Carol have nailed it. She's such a pale image against your typical brilliant background. J factor - I like that!

Barb said...

That looks great!!!

Tammy said...

What's not to like? she turned out wonderful!


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