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01 December 2012

So... do y'all remember...

The other day when I announced that Cherie had swooped in and won the itty bitty house that there would be another one coming?  Well, guess what...

It's here.
I thought I'd try my hand at a more "mid-century" sort of style.  

It's a creamy yellow with a salmon-ish sort of roof.  And glitter... lots of glitter.  The house sits on a base of batting with silver hints of glitter.  Even has a little pine tree in front.

There's even a hint of snow.  I've carved a hole into the back in case you want to light it, and signed it (although it's tough to see) to the left of the hole... and added a brass loop at the top... just in case you want to hang it.

It's kinda cute.  And little... stands a whopping two and a quarter inches tall, is three inches across the front, and almost two and a half from front to back.  Did I mention that there's lots of glitter on it?  Have I mentioned I think I may have a glitter addiction?

So... let's get down to the brass tacks, shall we?  What do you have to do to win this cutie?  Well.. I thought I'd make some serious hoops to jump through, so... here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment on THIS post about your favorite holiday (ANY holiday) memory, or memories, are.  Seriously difficult, huh? (I'm often told how difficult I am.)
  • Everyone is allowed ONE entry.
  •  You have to leave your comment before midnight on the 15th of December 2012 (my midnight... eastern daylight savings time).
  • I'll announce the winner on the blog on the 16th, and it is your responsibility to email me with your mailing address within 48 hours, or I'll pick another winner.
 So... let's hear about those memories...


Gill said...

My favourite Christmas memory is the year my godson was born! he was my first and only godson and a wonderful lad who has brought pleasure to us all!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have an idea of how to use this little house.

My memories are all speedy buy and I can't pic a fav. So, our traditional Christmas Eve is my daughter and grandsons come over at about 5 to enjoy a little buffet I prepare. We open a few presents..to make room for what Santa will bring, of course. Then we pile in the car and head to a subdivision that gives a real Christmas decoration show. Its very elaborate and they take donations for charity from those that drive through. Then later its off to midnight mass...for anyone that chooses to go.

Great little houses.
Have a great weekend.

emcSquared said...

One of my favorite memories of Christmas were the Advent Calendars! As kids we could hardly stand the anticipation and would argue who "opened" the calendar each morning! Thank you, evamarie
em9499 at gmail dot com

BonusOne said...

I LOVE this house, combining my love of mid-century modern design, yellow houses, and christmas decor in one sweet package!

one of my favorite christmas memories is when I was about 5, my mother and I would wait for my dad to leave for work, and thomas to leave for school, then we'd curl up under the tree, munch on cinnamon sugar toast and she would read christmas/winter poems to me. It was a secret ritual that we only did it for one year.

Julie said...

There was one year that my oldest brother was so curious about my dad steady going next door, that he snuck out and peeped in their window. Of course he saw my dad putting together our bikes. With the cat out of the bag, we got to ride them in the middle of the night, in the cold, and in our pajamas. Best Christmas ever. Thanks brother!

Liberty said...

oh wow - I haven't been on my blogs in weeks due to the chaos of seeking new housing and packing... and this post of yours caught my eye.
in the last 4 years I have drawn or painted dream houses 3 times and each time they have been orange and yellow. I kid you not :)
I've said to myself, "Where would I ever see an orange and yellow house in real life?" and here it is! Very neat. I'd love to be entered in the contest if it's open to Canadians.

My favourite holiday memory is when I was about 9 years old and I decided to sneak out after my parents fell asleep and put something extra in everyone's stockings. I added handfuls of miniature chocolate chip cookies from a bag. Who knows what anyone else thought of the crumby mess but I loved it. The feeling of daring, the excitement of a surprise, the magic of going into the living room - dark except for the glow of the lights on the tree... it all felt magical. :-)

Liberty said...

here was my first collaged and painted home from years ago: http://divinitywithinity.blogspot.ca/2010/02/home-is.html

and the second one:


the 3rd one was just a few months ago though I have no photos of it.

Kay Williamson said...

Your mid-century style house reminds me of the Christmas cardboard house/village that we could set up every year at my parents house, every year at Christmastime of course, and I really think that's one of my favorite memories, setting up that village every year with my Mother. There is something about lights in little houses that is magical:)

Alicia said...

My favorite holiday was always Halloween, something about the magic of it all, the costumes, the fantasy. But I also remember one year, 5th grade I think, when my shopping list had 43 people! I always loved giving, so Christmas was always a close second. As i become older Christmas became my favorite, and Thanksgiving my second favorite. The whole season of giving, merriment, family, memories, fun together, is so much better than being someone else for a day.

Allie said...

SERIOUSLY only nine comments???? I'm shocked! This little house is too darling for words! Boy does it take me back. I have a lot of favorite memories - but the most special has to be the year my grandfather died, I found out my grandmother had never had a stocking, so mum and I went all out and got her a whole bunch, hung them all over her house. She was like a kid on Christmas day...it helped ease the ache of missing granddad. Thank you for such a gorgeous give-away!!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Kinda cite? It's really really cute, June!

My favorite Christmas memory is setting up our childhood tree and marveling at all the wonderful pretty ornaments we only saw once a year, especially the bubble lights which I could watch bubble up and down for hours, and yes, the little Christmas village of cardboard houses we had set up under the tree. The houses were lit. It was just magical.

Cherie said...

Hellloooooo!! Happy Holidays to you!

I'm visiting all of my favorite blogs today, the ones that have been most recently updated and I was SO happy to see that you are one of my first!

This sweet mid-century house is superbly adorable, the winner will surely treasure it! You should make a little 'street' of them!

Your blog is so wonderful, what an inspiration you are. I'm anxious to try the random tutorial generator, oh boy!!

Well, off I go to read some more blogs, drink more pumpkin spice coffee and then do some painting today. YOU have a wonderful Christmas, Blessings to you and yours!


ACreativeDreamer said...

Comments are now closed for the give away... but thank you each and every one for sharing!


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