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30 October 2012

On to that ornament...

When last we left off y'all saw the reindeer ornament like this...  I had rolled out my salt dough, and used a rubber stamp, well a few actually, to impress the design into the clay.

I did a few ornaments, and a couple of three dimensional ones that's I'll share with you later, and then I baked them.  Some folks leave theirs out to air dry.  That has never really worked well for me, so I always bake mine.  It's almost more of a dehydration process... they go into the oven at about 225 degrees and stay there until they are as hard as a rock.  I usually leave them in there at least 4 hours, more if they are thicker.

Once cool they are easily painted with regular acrylic paint, which is exactly what I did here.  My vision for the finished ornament is a red reindeer on a white background... so first step, at least two coats of white paint.  And, in spite of my desire to do this quickly, something I have learned over the years is that you absolutely MUST let it dry well between coats.  Otherwise, the second coat simply removes the first.  You can see the contrast between the ornament I painted white and the other baked ornaments.  See those Sharpies?

I outlined the impression using the red Sharpie so that I'd know exactly where I want to put the glue to adhere the glitter.  Yes, glitter... remember, I've become addicted to the stuff and I cannot get enough of it... so everyone be warned, if you get ornaments from me this year, there will be glitter involved... lots of glitter....

Using my handy dandy pokey tool I applied a line of glue (Elmer's) to the red outline, working in one small area at a time.  I will say, it would be better to use a little plastic bottle that has a very fine tip, the sort that you can buy at your local fabric store for paint.  I didn't have one, and since it was about 1 am couldn't run out to grab one, as those stores close much earlier.  Still... it worked out well in the end.

Then...glitter. Red glitter... red micro-fine glitter...

I like the red reindeer, but it still needs something.  After looking at it for a bit, I decided it obviously needed more glitter.  So... when the red was completely, totally and thoroughly dried (and you know that is what you SHOULD do, not necessarily what I did) turn your ornament over so that you are holding it face toward a piece of paper and tap the back.  Use a bit of force, so that any glitter that hadn't adhered well gets knocked off.  added glue to the edges (by the way, I sanded those edges before I painted them, because they just were no where near smooth), and sprinkled it with micro fine white sparkly glitter.  Now we are getting somewhere.


Let that dry completely, because in the next step that will become pretty important.  Since the back is sorta rough I wanted to cover it with fabric.  I had this red and green plaid, the green even shimmers a bit, so thought it would be perfect for it.  I spread some tacky glue over the back.  Now... using tacky glue on these ornaments can be a bit tricky.  I think it has something to do with the salt content, but very often it just sorta "rolls" off while you spread it.  I more or less tap it around so that it is relatively evenly covered, then set the glue side down onto the fabric.  You have to give it a chance at that point to dry at least a bit before you handle it any more.  (See how many chances I am giving myself here to work on my patience???)

When it's dry, cut the fabric as evenly to the edge of the ornament as you can.  I then turned it over (which I could do because it had all dried so well on the front, no re-glittering here for me, nope... no sir-ee) and applied a coat of matte Mod Podge to the back to not only seal it, but help it adhere a bit more to the back.  It also works well to prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying.

It's cute, and I like the red sparkles on the white background, and I like the sparkly edges... but darn it, it still needs "something".  There's just not enough "oomph" to it... Oh, wait... I know, how about MORE glitter!?!?!  Yup... I think more glitter would be perfect.  I very carefully painted the white glue all over the top of the ornament and sprinkled on more of the white sparkly stuff.

Oh yeah, this is it... a green ribbon to hang it with (and to tie in the green in the backing fabric), and I've got it!

I wish the glitter photographed better, maybe I'll have to drag out the light box and try, because the photos here don't do it justice.  It will be just adorable hanging on a tree reflecting the lights!

What do you guys think?


Eileen Bergen said...

It's adorable! Who wouldn't be delighted to have one of those sparkly darlings on their tree.

June, have you thought of glue stick instead of tacky glue for the fabric? I've been using it more and more to avoid the very type of issue you describe.

Eileen Bergen said...

P.S. I got really excited when I saw the Sharpies(I know, it doesn't take much ...).

While everyone else seems to have moved on to the newer (very expensive) art pens, I still love my Sharpies.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I missed this in my blog roll when you posted it. I especially like that you applied fabric to the back. Very cool ornament.

Cherie Burbach said...

I'm with you, Eileen! I still use Sharpies a lot, too.


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