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22 March 2012

Going green...

So... sometime in late January my Little One decided she was going to lose some weight. I started making us both lunch to take for our day, and encouraged/supported her as best I could.

Part of her routine was go get up early in the morning and go walking. Like 5:00 am early. I really blundered into this out of motherly concern... my daughter walking in the neighborhood at 5 am, with the dog, who is NO protection, sorta made me feel that I needed to go with her. You know, that whole protective mommy thing. Besides, we all know what an insomniac I am, so it seemed a good idea, I started walking with her.

She was walking about two miles, so I was walking about two miles. Then, she got sick, and just sorta hasn't picked back up on it... me... I added another two miles at night. Luckily, all these steps are being logged in the competition between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville that is sponsored by the American Heart Association... I always like it when we beat UofL... it's just one of those things... and I'm happy to contribute to it.

Anyway, all of this healthy eating and walking has led to a weight loss. Yeah me! It's also lead me to be much more aware of what, and how, I have been eating. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years now, but I haven't always picked the healthiest choices. Now I am faithfully eating three meals a day, lots of whole grains and healthy veggies. I'm not leaving aside all treats, that just makes life dull, but, I am now being wiser about what I pick as my treat.

Where is all this going? It's going green. Green smoothie green. I've been reading lots and lots of articles and blogs about how yummy and wonderful green smoothies are. Let's be real... how good can something be that is made up hugely of green leafy veggies? And I even love green leafy veggies. But, ugh.

I'm game though. I mean I have everything I need to make one in the fridge, so, why not? What's the worst that can happen? I can toss it down the drain, right? Or, maybe add a good measure of vodka... that would obviously make it work...

Apparently, you can pretty much make smoothies from just about anything. Usually, the proportions are 40% green leafy veggie, such as spinach or kale, and 60% fruits. You can use yogurt...or not. You can add spices... or not. There just don't seem to be too many hard and set rules. Just my sort of thing!

You can see up there in the photo what I used. I wanted something very "fresh", so I went with semi citrusie sort of things. Spinach, a couple of hands full, fresh pineapple (I included the core in the pieces I used), a handful of grapes, a kiwi, a stalk of celery (have no idea why I chose to add that), a few ice cubes, and some orange juice to help it all blend. Tucked it all into the blender and hit a button.

Really green, isn't it? REALLY green.

How did it taste?

You know, surprisingly not like spinach. Even with no vodka added. That one half stalk of celery... that you could taste. I'd leave it out next time.

Overall, it was better than I expected, and, while I was not overwhelmed with how wonderful it was... you won't hear me gushing about how I'm going to convert to having them every day... but, I probably will play around with them, especially through the summer. I did see a recipe that had spinach, tomatoes and fresh basil that seemed like it would be quite tasty... as a cold soup if not a smoothie...


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Post! I never got on the smoothie bandwagon. Even when Corey was obsessed with THE BULLET. But now I need to add much more fiber to my diet. I don't think it matters if a blender has already masticated it for me, do you think? Maybe I'll Google this.
Congrats on being more health conscience.

ACreativeDreamer said...

No, Carol, I don't think it would matter at all. Everything is still there for you, including all of the fiber. And, actually, I like having all of that in the smoothie. I think if I were juicing it I'd still feel hungry after consuming it because there would be no fiber in it.

Some folks do add yogurt, but the only yogurt I had in the fridge was a honey greek yogurt, and since I was already trying to wrap my brain around all that spinach, I opted out of adding it. Although, I think I might try it with banana and pineapple and spinach.

It really is surprising how you don't find the flavor of the spinach overwhelming... Personally, I love spinach, and probably would have found it only a bit strange if I had tasted it more, but what I really got was the fruit flavor... and that gorgeous bright green color.

jinxxxygirl said...

It does look Yummy June! I have not jumped on the smoothie bandwagon either but my daughter has BIG TIME! Me? No matter how yummy it looks i like to eat my calories and not drink them. I get much more satisfaction from chewing i guess....lol...Congratulations on your healthy endeavors! Its so nice when you don't have to go it alone too. Hugs! deb

ACreativeDreamer said...

Well, keep in mind Deb, the Little One has sort of opted out on me. Even the dog looks at me with distain these days when I say... hey guy, wanna go for a walk? He actually ran and hid in his kennel last night.

I was surprised how full the smoothie made me feel. Keep in mind, I am still getting all the same fiber for the calories, it's just all blended together, in a fast to consume form. I'm not sure that I could get on the juicing bandwagon because so much of the fiber is removed.

For me, weight loss isn't all that important, I'm quite happy in my skin. It's much more about the benefits of getting out in the fresh air, getting rid of some of the stress... and while I walk it is a perfect time to repeat my mantra over and over in my head... a great form of active meditation. And my meditation is what soothes my soul.

em's scrapbag said...

I like green smothies. In fact it is the only way I can get my boys to eat spinach. I mix them with berries and it doesn't even turn things green so they don't know it's in there. I know I'm very sneaky.

ACreativeDreamer said...

Ya know... ya gotta do what ya gotta do... ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting kiddos to consume stuff that's good for them. Luckily, even if I had found the spinach taste to be stronger, I do like it... eat tons of it, but this is a great way to sneak it in if you don't!

Cherie said...

I love smoothies. You're right, even a little celery comes through with taste. I always want to put it in too, and then later am surprised at how you can really taste it. Anywho, glad you're walking!

Katiejane said...

I'm so happy that you are walking and losing! I've been doing the same and I can really see and feel a difference, but I am not doing the "green" or smoothie thing. Just cutting out all sweets and junk, unhealthy snacks and cutting calories. Everyone has to create the diet and exercise plan that's right for them. You go girl!

Eileen Bergen said...

Good for you, June!

I've lost a few pounds myself recently and am trying to get back on the exercise bandwagon - "trying" being the operative word.

I'm with Deb. I'd rather chew my calories. And I'm a REAL slow eater/chewer; so that helps with weight control too.

I do love the color of your smoothie though ;-) Wouldn't it make a pretty journal page?

Barbara Moore said...

Hey there June! Walking is great isn't it? I wish I could walk like I used to. This bum leg from nerve damage, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back degenerative disks etc. just won't allow for what I want to do. I walked too much at gourd art class yesterday and woke up this morning with leg cramps. Ouch! I've had them off and on all day. I've not tried a smoothie as I'm a diabetic but that green one sounds good.

Hugs XX


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