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07 December 2011

Number 14...

A million years or so ago, in what seems like another life, I designed needlepoint. This little guy was one I created during that time.

He's finished on a 4 inch styrofoam ball, with lots of fabric and ribbons and cording. He can hang on a tree, or, he even has legs that he can use to sit on a table top... which is where he currently resides... on my coffee table. 'Tis the season after all.

I thought I'd create a less huge snowman that might take up a little less room on the tree (by the way, I'll be sharing my tree and some of the ornaments on it next week, in case anyone is interested).

While it doesn't look like much now, just you wait... this pile of stuff turns into probably my favorite ornament of the series.

What I used... felt, cotton fabric, floss, polyfil, and some larger glass beads.

How I did it...

I first traced the scarf shapes onto the back of the cotton fabric I used. Sewed around them, cut them out, clipped all the curves and turned them.
The outline is the stitching line, I haven't included any seam allowance. It wouldn't be a bad idea, if you have an iron handy, to press them at this point. It's not a necessity... but doesn't hurt either.

I stitched the blanket stitch all the way around one of the pieces and sat it aside.

The next step was to stitch the snowman to the background. When I cut the shape out of the felt, I cut a bit extra around the bottom. Once it was stitched on, I trimmed the excess off. It's a great way to make sure the edges match.

Remember the piece I sat aside? it's one of the ends of the scarf. I used just a couple of stitches to attach it to the body of the snowman. Note that it hangs past the edge of the ornament.

The horizontal portion of the scarf goes on next, and it will cover a part of the end you just stitched on. Just like a real scarf would... see how that works?

Now that the basics are in place, you can judge the placement of his carrot nose. Stitch it on, and after that, the last edge of the scarf. This piece has no stitching around the edge when you begin.

When you get it positioned where you like, stitch around the upper portion of it (think about it like a "U" shape), from the left side, through all layers. When you get to the bottom seam of the horizontal part of scarf, stitch ONLY through the little piece of scarf that doesn't have stitching on it. What happens is you have two ends of scarf, both finished with stitching, that are "free" of the ornament.

Notice I added some "snow" to the background (sorry for the blurriness of the picture).

The back was attached to the front, blanket stitch again, with white thread. The hanger was added as I stitched around the ornament, and before it was completely closed off, I stuffed him. Cute, huh? See that scarf hanging off the edges?

It still needed something to add a bit to it, so I decided some larger glass beads would add to the "snow" effect on the edges. I attached them relatively evenly all the way around. (I skipped two of the blanket stitches between each bead as my spacer.)

And there he is... the finished snowman....

I think he's my favorite... but don't tell the others.

Patterns, images and instructions copyright 2011, june crawford. You may not copy, sell or distribute the patterns as your own. These patterns are for your personal use ONLY, not for making profit. If you choose to make an ornament for charity, please notify me. ALL of the money from the sale of that ornament must be donated to that charity.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

He is adorable...I love snowmen and this man is just too cute! I love your cute creations. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Carol said...

He's really cute. I looked closely at you tiny details in the snowflakes and the circle of pearls. I think you DO like this one the best!

I'm holding out for sock monkey.

jinxxxygirl said...

I think the fabric you chose for the scarf really makes this one pop! Its beautiful June!

gill said...

I love this one! I think he could be my new favourite too!!


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