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05 December 2011

Number 12...

An official dozen!

So, lately I have noticed that owls have definitely made a comeback. They seriously are everywhere I look lately, and I'm not one that pays much attention to what's in... so you know they are everywhere! Let's make one for the tree, what do ya say?

Poor little guy looks sort of one sided here, doesn't he?

After I cut the pieces from paper and checked to see if they'd fit, I cut them from fabric. Cotton for the base and back, and felt for the rest. Now, in the instructions you'll see two different groups of fabric because I'm working on two at the same time.

These are simple enough, once you get the pieces cut, all you do is stitch the felt in the proper places. I probably should mention here... on the back of one of the pieces of the cotton I drew the outline of the finished body size. That way I could line up the wings and head knowing that they'd be at the edge of the actual body when they're sewn.

When all was in place, I stitched the pupils into the eyes.

From there, it's simple... put the right sides together, stitch around the outline that was drawn on the back. (Leaving an opening to turn.) Add a ribbon at the top for hanging while you are sewing around the ornament. Clip carefully and turn.

Stuff the cuties with a bit of polyfil... and sew the opening closed and there you have it... an owl or two, or twelve... for the tree!

Patterns, images and instructions copyright 2011, june crawford. You may not copy, sell or distribute the patterns as your own. These patterns are for your personal use ONLY, not for making profit. If you choose to make an ornament for charity, please notify me. ALL of the money from the sale of that ornament must be donated to that charity


Carol said...

Very Cute!

Threads of Inspiration said...

Wow! These owls are so cute! I may have to repost on my blog...would you mind?

ACreativeDreamer said...

Not at all... as long as you link to this one... do repost! I'd appreciate it!

West Michigan Quilter said...

That is so cute! I'll have to link to you again!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are so correct ...I am seeing them at all the craft exhibits too! Beautiful! Mary Helen

Threads of Inspiration said...

Thanks! reposting with link (I always link back) on the way!


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