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22 November 2011

Ornament number five...

Gotta have an angel, don't we?

I thought I had taken many more photos of this one along the way, but when I downloaded them I was surprised at how many I hadn't taken, so I'll try to explain this pretty clearly for everyone.

For this little one I cut the head, wings, arms and legs from muslin, and the body from a patterned fabric.

An important thing to note, on the pattern I will be posting on Sunday, there are no seam allowances. The line that you see is the line that you will stitch on, so cut extra for the allowance (about 1/4", that you will trim down closer to 1/8" after you've stitched).

The arms and legs are one piece, cut on a fold, so that the fold acts like a seam. Draw the pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric you are using. I did this by cutting out the pattern pieces, then tracing around them with a graphite pencil (leaving the extra seam allowance).

First stitch your arm and leg pieces. I used a sewing machine set on a very tiny straight stitch. Trim the seam allowance to about 1/8", clip the curves VERY carefully so that you don't clip into the seam, and turn. If you want to press the pieces, this is the time to do that. After I turned them, I lightly stuffed only the hand and feet areas of each leaving the majority of each un-stuffed.

Stitch the head to the body. Clip the seams where they slightly curve so that there won't be any problems later. Position the arms and legs on one of the body pieces, turned in to the center of the body. There will be too much of them, but you can fold them so that they fit inside. Pin the head/body pieces together, right sides facing, arms and legs tucked inside, and stitch around. Be sure to leave about an inch opening along a straight seam so that you can turn. Trim the seam so that there is about 1/8" fabric, clip those curves, very carefully, and turn. Stuff the head and body, and stitch the seam closed. Stitch her wings together, trim the seams, clip the curves, and then VERY carefully, cut a slit through one layer of the fabric in the center of the wings. Turn them, and press. There you have the very basics. Now... on to the stuff that sets her apart.

She needs some hair. For that, I used looked through some of the fringes I have on hand. It was either going to be the hot pink or the green. I decided on the green. Mostly because I love the texture of it, and think the green goes perfectly with her dress. I just love coloring outside of the lines... in my own little way.

I hand stitched the fringe to her head working from the edges toward the inside so I could make sure the hair was wild and everywhere. Would I want anything all tame and sedate? Heavens no...

She needs something... ok, lots of somethings... but she needs something to break the area between her face and dress. I think a cute little gathered collar would be perfect.

I used a totally different fabric for that. Pinking one side, and cutting a strip a shade less than 1/2" wide and maybe two inches long. Then I ran a gathering stitch along the straight edge, and tugged to gather until it fit around her dress/neck. Take a couple of stitches to anchor it in place, and there you go...

Having a bit left over, I gathered it into a "flower" and set it aside to see if I'd end up using it somewhere.

As you can see... I ended up attaching it to her dress in the front. The wings were gathered a bit down the middle and attached to the back. You can stitch or glue them, whichever works best for you.

Two black seed beads were added for her eyes... and a wire halo was created and attached somewhere in all of that hair.

I made a red and green wreath that I tied a red ribbon on for her to hold, but I'm not really sure I like it. That may or may not stay.

She is a cutie... and just for good measure, I thought I'd be sure to share a back view too... I do love that fringe for hair. Just imagine all of the color combinations you could use and how much fun you could have with these!

Patterns, images and instructions copyright 2011, june crawford. You may not copy, sell or distribute the patterns as your own. These patterns are for your personal use ONLY, not for making profit. If you choose to make an ornament for charity, please notify me. ALL of the money from the sale of that ornament must be donated to that charity.


Carol said...

I've made tons of this type little doll over the years. They sell so well at craft shows and they make EXCELLENT decorations on the top of gift boxes. Your fringe hair is so cute. Years ago, I used to put a piece of pot scrubber on mine. I like your wings too!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Katiejane said...

She is way cute, JC.
Hey, I bought that "Pages" magazine and read your article. Very nice. I enjoyed the entire book but it was nice "knowing" at least one of the contributers. Congratulations, girlie!
Happy Turkey Day to you and yours.

Cherie Burbach said...

She is too cute!


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