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25 November 2011

Number 8...

How about a cutie with a tall hat?

Here we are, just a shade past the half way point of the 15 ornaments, and the offering today is a cute little guy with a very tall hat.

He's a combination of cotton fabrics and felt... with a button and a bell to finish him off.

We begin by drawing the outline, and the basic placements on the foundation muslin. As you can see, I was meticulous about pressing off the muslin before I took photos.

My plan is to "stack" layers of colors, well, two colors, for the hat. Hot pink (I know, you haven't seem me use that before, have ya?) is going to be the first layer, and I lay it against the drawn outline to gauge how much of a curve I need to trim at the bottom. When I have the curve cut, I baste the bottom in place, and trim off the edges.

The next layer is going to be lime green... then hot pink again... and so on. I baste each layer on, gently turning under the edge that will be seen so that there is no raw edge. You'll notice that I stitched around the outer edge as well (from the wrong side, where I could see the outline I drew on the muslin) so that I create the area I know I need to stitch within as I stitch down the layers.

I used two strands of a light orange floss and the buttonhole stitch to stitch each of the layers down.

Next, I cut the body out of felt and basted it on. It extends past the edges of the outline just a bit so that when I sew the ornament together it will be caught in the seam.

The scarf comes next. It's an orange pattern fabric that matches the threads I used to stitch down the hat layers. I stitched it down using hot pink thread.

The cuff at the bottom of the hat finishes out this portion of the ornament. To break up the patterns, I used a green stripe, stitched down with the hot pink thread.

I cut the snowman out, leaving about 1/4 inch beyond the edges of patterned fabric. It's sewn to a hot pink fabric, the edges cut to 1/8 inch, clipped and turned. Then he's stuffed.

Now come the features that bring out his personality... a "carrot" nose, stitched on using a darker orange floss, a few french knots that create his mouth, and a couple of seed beads to make his sparkling eyes.

He has a jingle bell attached to the tip of his hat, and I added a button to his scarf for interest. And, at the top, he hangs from a hot pink bow.

And, there you go... a snowman in a tall hat. Number 8 in the series.

Patterns, images and instructions copyright 2011, june crawford. You may not copy, sell or distribute the patterns as your own. These patterns are for your personal use ONLY, not for making profit. If you choose to make an ornament for charity, please notify me. ALL of the money from the sale of that ornament must be donated to that charity.


jinxxxygirl said...

This has got to be my favorite! Love the colors and the quirk of a small body big hat and the bell and button PERFECT! Is there any way you can demonstrate the button hole stitch in one of your ornaments still to come???

Carol said...

I like this little guy too!! These ornies are certainly putting me in the mood to decorate.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Soooooooo cute! Blessings, Mary Helen

Cherie Burbach said...

Love the colors on this one, and so cute too!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh my, this one is darling too! I can't wait to try it. I'll have to tell my readers to come here too! Each one is cuter and cuter.


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