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24 July 2011

The official greeting committee...

I've already been out to visit the cemetery this HOT July morning... and just had to share a couple of photos of the "official" greeting committee... these guys were hysterical. Obviously, this was as far as I was going to go, so I got out to visit with them a bit.

As you can see by my shadow, they had no fear. They herded guided me in the direction of the reflecting pool where they serenaded me with their "quack-quack-quack" for a good while. How do I get so lucky that I get to experience such hospitality so early in the morning?

Ever the hospitable hosts, they did finally allow me to leave, but not without saying their good-byes.

I just love mornings that are filled with the unexpected.

Now, on with the business at hand... and speaking of hands, mine is finally better, it did take a shot of steroids to get it there, but the swelling is pretty much gone (other than right at the site of the bite), so I will be working on being creative later today... right after the dusting and vacuuming (yuck). In the mean time, it's the weekend, so I'm sharing the ArtsyBlogger links for the week... some great stuff here, y'all go visit, and I promise, this week, creative stuff here!

Beading Arts
Cyndi has a fabulous squared-cross turquoise pendant to give away!

Eileen - The Artful Crafter
Look at this cute coffee can recycling project. It also uses craft stash scraps, so it's both eco-nomical and eco-logical!

Book Necklace
Cherie works on a necklace idea for book lovers.

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
A great cupcake recipe, use it as is, or as the base to create your favorite flavor.

More Altered Book Musings...
Laura - Taz's Corner

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Georgie Horn said...

What cute ducks! And, a lovely pond!


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