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02 June 2010

Let them eat cake...the first Creativity Invitation prompt!

Ok, this lack of patience issue of mine is no secret, I've moaned about it more than once or twice (ok, more than a dozen or so) times. I've learned it is just me, deal with it...so, that having been said...I'm offering up the Creativity Invitation prompt earlier than I said I would. This early prompting thing most likely will not become a habit, but I'm excited and I really, really, really want to start. What's a few days early, right? Sooooooooo...... without further ado...woo hoo...it's our first Creativity Invitation prompt!

This is my birthday month...and it's soon to be the birthday of the blog too, a whole year, who knew I could keep this up so long? Who knew that people would actually read it?!?!? What else can I do...the prompt has to be about celebrating...and, since celebrating birthdays is so on my mind...and since birthday cakes are such a great way to celebrate birthdays...

The prompt for June is....(insert drum roll and fireworks here...)

Yep, cake, or the celebrations that we often include cake...bake one, draw one, include one on an ATC, send someone a birthday card, paint something with a slice of cake on it...have a tea party and have a cake...but if you invite Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, I expect an invitation too...make a journal page about celebrations, create a frame for a celebration picture...share your favorite recipe for a cake...create a cake stand, recycle something to look like a cake, take pictures of cupcakes, make a birdseed cake for the birds...Heck, do them all!

Interpret the prompt loosely or interpret it strictly...(very few rules here, remember?) Whatever you do with it, have fun, enjoy, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! (It's summer after all!)

You have a month to play with this prompt. Whatever you do, post what you've done on your blog on July 5...or before...and send me a link to your post...I'll share all the links
(and some of your photos) here on July 9.

You don't have a blog? You still want to play? OK, let's play! If you don't have a blog, and you want to play, just send me a photo or two or three or twelve, (my email is on the left side bar) of how you interpret the prompt, and I'll post them, or at least some of them, here. This play group is for everyone, not just those who have blogs.

And, look, I've even created a Flickr group for you to share photos (please don't mistake this for me knowing how the Flickr group works...but I will be figuring it out!)...this group will be for all of our Creativity Invitations over the months...go here to upload your photos!

I can't wait to see what everyone does! Have fun, eat cake to get inspired (what an excuse, huh?), draw, paint, get dirty....enjoy!

Now...go...have fun!


Kim said...

I am so excited! maybe this will jump start my creativity- it seems to be hiding or taking a break! I'm off to think about this now- thanks!!!

PS- Happy Birthday sometime this month ♥

Quiltdivajulie said...

We have the most wonderful bakery near my office - it is an every pay day treat to visit Muddy's ... their cupcakes ARE TO DIE FOR!!!

(just in case anyone wants to inhale deeply from a distance :-)

jinxxxygirl said...

Birthaday cake! Ha! Well you did say it would be a challenge! Thankgoodness i have a month! :) What in the world am i....? ?? No stress right! BReathe! My bday is this month too! Are you a cancer or Gemini? Me? Cancer. deb

Joyce said...

Yum, yum. I've already gotten an urge to go out and buy some Hostess cupcakes. How many pounds will I gain by July 4? Nice coincidence, my sister June's birthday was yesterday. She's far, far away, so I didn't get to celebrate, but this gives me the opportunity to commemorate her birthday as well as yours in some way. See you soon!

RekindleMe said...

Happy Birthday to you! I posted a special 'cake' on my blogspot for you to enjoy! I am more than happy to share a piece of it with you! The best to you on your day!! xoxo Sharon

Eileen Bergen said...

Count me in. I love cake too - especially colorful artsy ones. Happy Birthday to you and your blog!


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