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13 October 2009

Long, long ago in a far away land....

I designed needlepoint. Was actually pretty good at it too...but it's difficult to keep a business up and running when you are the one who does it all, so I stopped designing needlepoint, and went to work in an office...

While rummaging through several CDs, looking for something completely different, I ran across one of the online projects I had offered. It is darned cute I have to admit....and since it's Halloween, I thought..."hey, why not put it up on the blog?", so, here it is!

Now, let me explain how I am going to do this...'cause this tutorial gets rather loooooong, I'm going to post it over the course of several days. In it, you will be taken from the beginning, through the stitching, and the finishing as well. Then, when I am finished posting it, I will convert the entire thing to a PDF file and will be happy to email it to anyone who wants it.

Here is the only caveat...I own the copyright to the design. You may not publish it on your site without asking first. It cannot be used to teach a class, or used as a hand out for your business, nor can it be used or offered for resale.

Now, with that all behind, let me show you how to make the little witch hat!
It's always good to begin at the beginning when you are stitching something, so the first step is to "gather ye goods". This group will just be for the stitching, when we get to the finishing part, I'll explain what you will need. This model was stitched on 18 count mono canvas, so, you'll need a piece of canvas that is about 9" x 13" (keep in mind, this is for 18 count, if you go other sizes...your tallest line will be 68 stitches, adjust accordingly). Being the crafty types that you all are, I know you will play with that...never be afraid to change the count of the canvas, and feel free to try different fabrics.

Being as this is a little project, it is perfect for scraps. I used purple for the majority of the hat, perle cotton and sparkle rays (use what you like and what you have), a bit of black perle cotton, and some hot pink, and lime green kreinik metallics.

USE ONLY PERMANENT MARKERS TO DRAW THE OUTLINE (otherwise, later it may bleed onto your stitched piece...and that is horrible! (Click on the picture to make it larger to read...it will be larger in the PDF.) The brim is approximately 3.25 inches from top to bottom and side to side at the largest point. (It's on the left.). The red dots show the center stitch. I've shown you the "count" for 1/4th of the entire brim. From that center stitch you count 6 mesh to the right, drop down a mesh, and count three, drop down a mesh, 2...etc., etc. Between the outer edge of the brim and the inner edge of the brim is 17 mesh.

The body of the hat is 68 mesh tall (again...on 18 count) at its tallest point. From there the numbers show you how to count (draw) out the body. Now, this is crucial if you are new at doing this....your count may not match perfectly. I know, I hear a collective "gasp" at the horror of it all, but believe me, in this case, maybe in most cases, perfection is highly overrated, and it will be just fine. Just add or take away the outline to make it match up.

Now, if you do need to white it out, as I have done millions of times, here's a tidbit that is important. Use white acrylic paint, NOT "Wite Out". The solvents in "Wite Out" will eventually come back to haunt you (pun most definitely intended)...and we don't want that!

Next post....we stitch! Well, you stitch....I get to admire mine...


Ann said...

your blog is lovely..not just your art,but your thoughts.I was so moved by your story of the homeless man...how moving and inspiring. Thank you.I am now a follower..so glad I found you.

A Creative Dream... said...

I'm thrilled to have you following, I hope you'll find lots to enjoy along the way!

Eileen Bergen said...

How did I ever miss this post?!

You were "actually pretty good" at designing needlepoint? Whoa, I'll say!! This witch's hat is fantabulous!

Cherie said...

I'll second that: fantabulous!


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