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07 September 2009

Labor Day...

So...last evening my little one and I decided we'd go to the lake for the holiday. Thought I'd take her on a tour of the local campus up there. We'd enjoy watching the dog play in the lake, get something wonderful to eat, and just generally spend the day enjoying time spent together.

See the picture up there? That is the radar from this morning. I'm in Lexington, the lake is in Morehead...notice the red splotches indicating the hardest rain? Then there is the sleeping beauty who fell asleep on the couch last night, and the sleeping dog. Do they seem all that interested in an early start to you? The forecast for the day, for the entire week actually, suggests that nothing much is going to change as far as the rain goes, and that definitely makes for lazy days not spent at the lake. So much for the best laid plans. Oh well, when they don't work out... change them.

The rain has cooled off the temperatures, and I think some nice, warm, buttery, cinnamon biscuits are most definitely in order for the morning. Simple baking mix, mixed according to the directions for making biscuits, with layers of cinnamon and sugar..baked and then drizzled with glaze made from confectioners sugar and milk. Throw in a great big glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee, and what better way to welcome a dreary day?

I think we'll go hang out at the mall, if we can get out between the bouts of rain. It may not be the lake...but it's time spent together, and I can't think of anything I enjoy more.

I hope everyone's holiday is filled with family and friends and great times that make memories for forever!

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Linda said...

Enjoy your rain, it is so dry here in South Africa at the moment. I love the little stuffed heart you made, so pretty :)




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