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12 September 2009

How I spent my weekend...so far....

The University has an art museum. Right now they have a special exhibit of primitive and folk art...my favorites, so I thought, "you know....maybe seeing art will inspire me...". I dragged my daughter with me, and off we went. We got to the building, and wandered a bit before we found the actual entrance to the museum....and on the way I took a few photos of The Little One. She even dressed to coordinate...

When we went in, I asked at the desk if I might take photos, and if I might use those photos in my blog. The young woman who was the attendant told us that the folk art could not be photographed, but that the other works of art could. However, the caveat was that I could only use them for personal use. The blog obviously doesn't reach a massive audience, but to be considerate I decided not to take photographs. Now, I tell you all of this to give you the back ground for the rest of the story.

As The Little One and I wandered through the museum, with the two other patrons who were strolling through I noticed the attendant watching us. Later, when we were upstairs at the exhibit, she was also upstairs, and The Little One and I felt as though we were being followed by her making certain that we were not taking photos. It was definitely not a terribly welcoming feeling. We were disappointed that we felt we couldn't take our time and enjoy the art, so we left. Relaxing on a lovely bench outside of the museum enjoying the local scenery instead. (Read that as...we watched some guys play a game of football for a bit.)

This morning, we did a search for "festivals" in Kentucky. Heaven knows we have lots of them in the small towns we have here, so I thought we'd have to find something relatively close that we might enjoy. Now, at this point, let me say....I am such a geek. Just ask The Little One...she tells me all the time. I love all things old and historic. This I take after my grandfather, he loved everything about the Civil War, and he admired Abraham Lincoln greatly. This weekend Camp Nelson is having a reenactment. I have never attended an reenactment...I was very excited.

And, would you look who we meet there?! President Lincoln was terribly gracious when I asked for a photo, and extended his arm to The Little One. Chivalry is not dead, it is at reenactments. (So said The Little One, who looks might little next to Mr. Lincoln, huh?)

To be honest, while I know of Camp Nelson National Cemetery, I did not realize the rich history behind the actual camp, and I was utterly taken in by this event. History truly came alive, and with great characters to see and enjoy. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of them as well...(click on any of them to see a much larger view)

Tomorrow, I think I am heading over to the cemetery...another strange hobby of mine...and I got something in the mail today I plan to share, it is just the coolest thing (thank you Maria, I love it!)...until then....


Christina Colwell said...

This looks like fun. Journeys into the past area blast. Great photos. Thanks for droppng by.

Eileen Bergen said...

Yin and yang ... you certainly made the best of what turned out to be a good photo-op weekend. Love the photo of the "Little One" with Honest Abe.

My father-in-law was a real history buff. When the boys were young, a favorite family vacation was to visit Gettysburg. It left a lasting impression on my DH. He is quite the history buff as well.

We must not forget our history. There are very important lessons there for the future. So I don't think you're strange at all ;-)

I'm enjoying following your blog journey too.


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